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Getting Attention

Why We so Often Miss It, and How to Get What We Want

Aufmerksamkeit: Warum wir sie so oft vermissen und wie wir kriegen, was wir wollen
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Some people as well as companies seem to be successful without any effort while all the others are trying hard but never get to the top. Jon Christoph Berndt explains in his book "Aufmerksamkeit" the reasons why—and illustrates how each and everyone can get a piece of the cake of attention. He says: "Attention is the most valuable currency in the world."

Getting attention is a basic need like the air to breath. In (uncertain and disruptive) times of Social Media, an all-can-society and ubiquitous overload, attention becomes less common and for this reason more valuable. That is the reason why advertising is trying harder and harder to get our attention with multi-million dollar budgets and also the reason why the media provokes us everyday with more sensational headlines—while at the same time the virtue of listening goes to rack.

Jon Christoph Berndt makes us aware of this very important topic in today’s world by using trenchant observations and vivid examples. It is a fundamental topic for everyone—private, businesswise and socially and he explains that by listening carefully we give real and honest attention. He illustrates a world where we stop screaming to get attention and how the implementer will win: Emotionally and substantially.