Jon Christoph Berndt®

Branding Consulting

Sound Advice Makes an Effective Brand

In branding consulting you have to find the optimal path between rational facts, analyses and assessments, and inspiring stories and scenarios. This rounds off the brand image that your staff and customers perceive. Branding consulting ensures that the image not only succeeds, it also makes the brand highly desirable.

True branding consulting does not come to life through Powerpoint, but through interaction; with a variety of stories and experiences which, well-orchestrated, motivate people to question what they know: to leave the comfort zone, to listen to one’s inner voice, to provide relevant input and implement this with performance optimization in mind. In branding consulting, the consultants aim to stimulate and provoke well-planned improvements by dishing up relevant facts. These arise from analyses of companies, portfolios, target groups, markets, and competition. By working together, approaches for the brand positioning are developed. These are positioned somewhere between what you would like to happen and what the market situation allows you. All this is valuable input for the brand development that is executed in close agreement with the customer.

Once the brand has been developed, it then has to come alive. A written plan is just as important in branding consulting as a recipe in the kitchen (the only way the cake will be the best cake you ever tasted) or an architectural plan (the only way to build that great house you have in mind). In branding consulting there is a communication plan for every area—advertising, website, video, social media, teaching content, in-house academy, training materials, consulting documents, parties, and events, etc.—which clearly defines who does what, with whom, by when—all within the framework of making the brand come alive. Specifying who accounts, implements, and realizes it. Now, no one can say that they did not know, could not do, were not allowed to. And now, good ideas are only good ideas if they convey the brand in a proven and perceptible way. Good branding consulting sticks with it all the way. This is how branding consultancy acts as the keeper of your holy grail.