Jon Christoph Berndt®

Branding Seminar

Only when Everyone Lives the Brand Does It Come to Life

A branding seminar is not about learning, it is about experiencing what it means to maintain a brand and make it real. This only works if the learned essence comes to life and everybody involved can get excited about the brand. You learn how to do this in the branding seminar. It shows you how clearly sales and profits depend on the brand. And it is fun, too.

The branding seminar boils the knowledge down to its very essence—strong brands account for up to 60% of the enterprise value. This is how distinctive brands not only stay successful in the long run and differentiate themselves positively from their competitors, but also how they grow profitably. In order to succeed you need in-depth knowledge not only in the areas of strategy development and implementation, but also in the communication, steering, and valuation of the brand. You also need familiarity with contemporary brand management and where the brand journey is heading. All of this is part of the branding seminar, in-house and exclusively for company brand managers and decision makers.

In the branding seminar, participants learn not only how it is done, but also what is expected of them to bring a brand to life. Things work best when participants are genuinely committed, and when interactivity is a must, when different things are tried out, and criticism is given and received. But there is no room for know-it-alls with outstretched forefingers and Powerpoint. Instead, an effective branding seminar encourages boldness and vision, and it animates people to break new ground. A part of this is a solid plan and not "shoulda, woulda, coulda" and "What we really need to do is…" The branding seminar involves hard and realistic work at understanding how the effectiveness of the brand noticeably increases with the actions of each individual. And it will become clear that the only way to achieve this, is together.