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Brand New

What Powerful Brands Really Need

Brand New
Was starke Marken heute wirklich brauchen
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Nowadays, how does a brand need to be positioned to be noticed in the ever-increasing cacophony of advertising messages? Is brand management really an outdated concept, no longer critical to increase sales and profits? To find the best answers, brand expert Jon Christoph Berndt® and marketing professor Sven Henkel® debate the best arguments in "Brand New." They discuss their differing viewpoints, using numerous examples of large and small companies. Among other things, they consider how Aldi does everything right, whether Opel’s Jürgen Klopp can manage its image transformation, and why the price at H&M cannot be everything. In a compelling and entertaining manner, the reader is given valuable information, arguments, and suggestions for his own timely and effective actions for brand management. They also document and evaluate their numerous conversations with masters in brand discipline, including Tina Müller (Opel), Ernst Prost (Liqui Moly), and Alexander Schlaubitz (Lufthansa).

Despite their differences, Henkel & Berndt agree that the brand is a matter for the boss: "A strong brand can only emerge when it is lived by everyone in the company. It requires courage, backbone, and time."


"The extra section ‘What Makes the Brand’ is very interesting and vivid.  The authors speak with established (family) businesses and the hidden champions of mid-sized companies about their recipes for success.  Scanners and quick readers will be very happy about the summaries at the end of each chapter, which capture the most important highlights." (Handelsblatt)

"A lively book from brand advisor Jon Christoph Berndt and the St. Gallen Marketing Professor Sven Henkel, including lots of snappy comments.  It provides the reader with a wealth of marketing wisdom and corresponding stories from the business." (Harvard Business Manager)

"Clever, lively, and unconventional, Berndt and Henkel duel on the topic of marketing in their ‘mixed doubles’ style. A wonderful book, entertaining and useful, it is ideally suited to inspire novices about the rules of branding. Absolute recommendation!" (