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How Awakening Clear Desire in Companies Makes Them More Successful

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Nowadays, everyone is a "brand"—but that is no longer enough. How does a branded company turn into a distinctive company? Besides its daily fight at the point of sale, what does a company has to do to get its unique face in the crowd? And how can the company use the spotlight efficiently to increase its sales, turnover and profit—enhancing the benefit of all parties involved?

Henkel & Berndt explain why only building a brand is not enough; but they discuss what a strong brand needs to get its unique face in the crowd. The authors cut right to the chase, disclosing what a company does to be extraordinarily unique. This is done by interviewing employees of selected companies, analyzing and disclosing what they do differently compared to the majority on the market. And with this knowledge only the most distinctive companies are ready for the future.

With profound insights into the tourism region Engadin St. Moritz, the security-specialist Abus, the plant manufacturer Bühler, the Five-Star-Hotel Neptun, the household appliances manufacturer V-Zug, materials-handling technology expert Lindig and vacationland Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.