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Identity in Disruptive Times—How Companies Become Future-ready


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"Brand" is everyone by now! But just to be that is no longer enough in this fast moving, disruptive time: How does a distinctive company become a truly future-oriented company? How will it gain tomorrow its qualified and planned attention—and with it its share of the world’s "most valuable currency?" And how does it take advantage of this consideration, for the benefit of all involved and for more sales, turnover and profit?

The expert duo Henkel & Berndt says why "brand work" jumps way too short nowadays and that nothing works if you are not future-ready. They put straight how to achieve that. For this, they put foregoing companies to the test and document what makes them significantly better than all the others. For the success that everyone wants but only a few receive. And to be what matters most today for tomorrow: be ready for the future. Everything as provoking as without cotton balls—and humorous but without a pointing finger.

With profound insights into the future readiness of these companies:

  • Swiss Life Select—Financial consultancy following the Best-Select-Concept
  • Einhell—Solutions for do-it-yourselfers and craftspeople for the house, the garden and downtime
  • Feldhoff & Cie.—Communications agency in the real estate industry
  • Proviande and Swiss Apéro—Soulfood of Switzerland
  • Steigenberger Grandhotel and Spa Heringsdorf—Wellness Resort on Usedom
  • Edding—highlihting, decorating, painting
  • Kaldewei—Bath solutions of steel enamel
  • Eleven Stories—eat Mediterranean, drink and celebrate in Cologne