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You, Yourself, Are the Most Powerful Brand!

Polish Your Image with Human Branding! The Human Branding Handbook

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The basics book "You Are the Most Powerful Brand!" will successfully support you in developing your own brand personality. The practice book shows concrete ways to make your own brand flourish.  With the help of numerous examples of personalities who have recreated or newly defined themselves, this book is a motivator, guide, and instruction manual all in one. It helps you explore new directions that promise predictable success. You can be the mouse who frees itself from its own frustration trap and makes its way to a new self-determined life.

Regardless of whether you are professionally or personally frustrated, undecided, or seemingly powerless ("I cannot change anything . . .") or ready to jump back into career life, this book is a treasure trove of ideas on how to actively and confidently transform your life with your newly acquired brand personality.

"Powerful personal brands are as important today as the brands of powerful businesses and organizations.  This book describes thoroughly and specifically how genuine human brands make themselves seen and felt."
 Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hermann Simon, Chairman of the Strategy Consulting Simon-Kucher & Partners

"Weakness is the new strength’—a powerful sentence in a powerful book."
Sabine Asgodom, PR expert, coach for success and bestselling author



"This book is encouragement, guide, and manual, helping you find new avenues for predictable success."
Hamburger Morgenpost

"The how-to manual shows how an unremarkable man can become a man with a thunderous reputation, with corners, edges, character, and grandeur, as well as having an impressive circle of friends and enemies." w&v Werben und Verkaufen