Jon Christoph Berndt®

Human Branding

You, Yourself, Are the Most Powerful Brand

Human Branding gives people a real, striking, and unmistakable profile. Actors and sports personalities are not the only ones to use this, but also public figures who wish to position themselves in their communities in a lasting way. Human Branding ensures that they get noticed and are revered.

Human Branding is the technique that turns you into a brand in a planned manner. An increasing number of top managers, CEOs, celebrities, and executives are using this. They understand that a company on its own is just a dead construct of concrete, glass, and steel; but people fill it with life and make it come alive. People at the top are increasingly coming to understand that their role is one of service, in which they no longer have to meet the demands of shareholders and employees alone, but where they have an ever greater liability towards society. This is a demand of a better informed society. So it is of great support when Human Branding guides managers towards living up to the expectations made of them.

Human Branding is nothing new. As early as the 1950s the renowned advertising psychologist Hans Domizlaff said that a brand has a face like a person. Conversely, every individual has a face like a brand. This is why brand identity is so often discussed in terms of a brand personality, a product of Human Branding. A personality lends something human to the company and its products. Human Branding helps to boil this "something" down to an essence and to control it. This something characterizes a person and gives an individual a face in the crowd, a distinctive element of recognition. The first to notice it are the employees and customers, then relatives and neighbors, followed by prospective and former customers, until ultimately the general public picks up on it as well. Soon, everyone will be able to feel it, and some people will become real fans and others will become true detractors. Both are important for brands that are not just kinda nice but rather powerful. Human Branding is especially worthwhile for people who are in the public eye and earn their living through their personality.