Jon Christoph Berndt®

Brand Workshop

Only Effective if You Really Get Something Out of It

As the brand workshop makes clear: A brand is only as good as the way it is managed and lived. Everybody involved needs to be energized and motivated. This is what the brand workshop is all about, it excites people and gets them involved. Participants leave feeling buoyant and with a determination to grow sales and profits.

The brand workshop deserves its name, it puts an end to "We always did it that way" and "We never did it like that!" Experienced workshop coordinators will not be telling you what to do or what not to do—there is no classroom-style teaching with Powerpoint and laser pointers. And there will be no mention of Apple or Steve Jobs. Instead, the brand consultants work seriously and in depth with a company’s brand experts to assess the brand performance and how it can be improved. And what you get as a result is exactly what your employees need, every day when they are out there on the front line.

The brand workshop affects everyone: "They mean me!" Exactly, who else? It addresses everyone—those who are merely physically present, those who are enthralled, and even those who are not there at all. Only once everyone has understood and felt what is coming their way are they ready to fulfill the company’s promising future—one which is based on the strengths of a powerful brand. The brand experts work with you to clarify what you need for the future: Appropriate brand behavior from every individual, always and everywhere; put in use first internally, then externally, at all points of contact where opinions are influenced, desire is stimulated, and the deal is closed. When the workshop is over, everyone has the insights and tools to get down to their work. After that, the brand experts need to be sure that everyone is fully motivated to get on. And when the orders arrive, the client will notice that the investment in the brand workshop was well worth it.