Jon Christoph Berndt®

Brand Consulting

Everyone Talks about It, Few Can Do It

Brand consulting uses considerable amounts of coordinated analyses and scenarios, which are presented concisely and to the point, to animate company decision-makers to leave their comfort zone, take stock of their position, and make a worthwhile contribution to creating a sustainable brand. That is brand consulting that is worthy of the name.

To form a brand and then develop it, to make it seen and felt—that is what brand consulting is all about. The external service provider analyzes the company, portfolio, target groups, market, and competitors. The branding team consists of consultants and key players from the company, identifying the company’s strengths, and breaking them down to its essence. They create scenarios about what the markets say about the company’s performance and quality. The brand consultancy then develops approaches to position the company somewhere between where the company would like to see itself and what the situation on the market actually demands. They develop input about the brand and core brand values, the value proposition, and they formulate product arguments to ensure that the brand can keep its promise. And they capture the public perception: how the company is seen today, also in comparison with their competitors; where should it be tomorrow, and what should the brand promise be; how it should be presented to be perceived accordingly? Brand consulting includes taking a close look at the company’s self-perception. It reveals gaps and contradictions, which lead to further discussion.

What follow are evaluations, presentations, discussions, and consolidations. The brand consultancy rubs salt into the wounds. This is the only way the brand personality will grow strong enough to succeed in the market. Only then can all of the employees experience it, only then will the brand be seen and felt by the customers. This is the commitment the brand consultants demand: People should be more than just employees; they should be well-informed brand ambassadors who come to work with a passion—to turn the brand into marketing. They all have to feel and understand what the company, which they dedicate their professional lives to, is going to stand for. They are deeply affected. Furthermore, the brand itself is a strong guide for everybody involved, especially for service providers from advertising, web, social media, PR … When it comes to marketing, the brand consultancy acts like the keeper of the holy grail that is your brand. It ensures that, while the products are the life of the company, the brand is actually its life insurance.