Jon Christoph Berndt®

Brand Expert

Others Decide Who the Expert Is

A brand expert knows brand issues by heart and makes a clear differentiation to marketing issues. Skilled in strategic and operational brand management, the brand expert assists in the development of a brand strategy that accounts for all areas of operation, as well as supporting the coherent and consistent implementation of that strategy.

Only strong brands build a lasting and loyal bond with customers, succeed against competitors in the long term, and facilitate increases in sales and profits. The brand expert knows how to achieve just that. It is not enough to rely solely on competitor intelligence, benchmarking, and market research to answer the question about what is right or wrong for the brand. Every company has its own market conditions, and within this framework they must find their own way. This is where the brand expert comes into play. He decodes the specifics of the brand and, out of this, provides viable answers to key issues related to the strategy: how can sustainable growth and profitability of the brand be ensured? How should it adapt to a changing environment? What are the goals? If necessary, how can the brand be returned to success? The answers are known by the brand expert.

More questions: What should the management focus on when answering these questions? How can the established brand values be protected and strengthened at the same time? What needs to be done to achieve the goals? What are the tasks and how are they prioritized? The brand expert leads the management through this process and ensures that the steps are transparent and comprehensible. Ongoing monitoring is part of this. Mistakes in the brand strategy appear only after a long time, and then it is no longer possible to relate it to the decision that caused them. Therefore, the experienced brand expert ensures that the criteria for the development and evaluation of a brand strategy are substantiated with hard facts.

The brand expert knows how the brand can develop its potential—as a life insurance for the company—to its full extent. This extensive knowledge is bundled with brandamazing in Munich.