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How Companies with a Strong Brand Are More Successful—and Keep their Competitors at Distance

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What makes a company distinctive and desirous? Why do some companies appear to be successful without any effort, and why do others try really hard but are not able to reap the fruit of their hard labor?

Henkel & Berndt explain why brand positioning is not only necessary for global players but for everyone. And they cut right to the chase of what makes a company a benchmark: it gains the success that is desired by everyone, and it is ready for the future. And they disclose the secret of success by interviewing employees of companies that set the benchmark—all documented in detail.

"This book is informative and reflective. I like particularly that it is equally instructive and enjoyable—if you laugh, you learn!"
Axel Schramm, Managing Director, Schramm Werkstätten

"To be a benchmark, without any monkey business, works best with the passionate and irresistible analyses by Henkel & Berndt."
Walter Mennekes, Managing Director, Mennekes Elektotechnik

"The authors sense and analyze all these tiny details, which are necessary to stand out as a brand and gain people’s trust. This is done by taking a close look—critically, of course."
Per Ledermann, CEO, Edding