Jon Christoph Berndt®



JCB lives what he says. And you feel that every second. This is why his presentations are so fascinating and inspiring. He strives to support companies and people who wish to distinguish and present themselves convincingly, in order to receive the attention they deserve. He is one of the leading specialists for image, attention, and marketing success.

JCB speaks on stages—small and large—for ten and for 2,000 people, in both German and English. He gives individual, not standardized, speeches because this is what his listeners deserve. With his motto: "Those who are motivated, motivate themselves" and his unique sense of humor, he opens hearts, and through the heart, he reaches the mind. If you laugh, you learn—this is guaranteed through his unique technique of deliberate provocation. All of this inspires the businesses, managers, and public figures, who are coached by him, to make something good into something extraordinary.

JCB is a trained journalist who studied political science at university. He strives to learn more and understand better. He is convinced that tomorrow is equally important as today, and it is important to him to understand what this means to each and every one. This is why he travels a lot, while having his hailing port in Munich. His travels are crucial for his visionary ideas and attitudes, providing him with nourishment and sustenance.

JCB is frequently in the media. His specialty is the live broadcast. He also writes columns and is the author of diverse Nonfiction books and Self-help books. He helps businesses and their employees gain differentiation and improve marketing success with the brandamazing Management Consultancy in Munich. JCB currently lectures at the University of St. Gallen.