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"Henkel vs. Berndt"

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Henkel vs. Berndt: Future-ready

Persuasive arguments: How to make agile companies future-ready

One knows what research and science say about the strength of powerful brands. The other knows how to develop this power in the market—and vice versa. In any case, they are Henkel & Berndt. Together they revolutionize what "brand work" means. Moving away from "marketing as usual" to more rousing themes, they employ attractive stories, make emotions tangible, and display a real commitment to the brand—which provides a life insurance policy for the company. Uncompromising and humorous, Henkel & Berndt will tell you how every company can profit from a powerful brand and how to make your company be seen and felt. They bring compelling arguments for new strategies in brand communication. And the best part is this: on stage they are just as authoritative, groundbreaking, and refreshing as they are in their books. The participants receive 100 percent Henkel and 100 percent Berndt. That is 200 percent of what powerful brands need for tomorrow. Henkel & Berndt deliver unrestrained content, with heart, head, and hand—and it is immediately ready to plug and play. All this information is delivered with considerable laughter as well.

What you and your guests take with you:

About Prof. Dr. Sven Henkel

The economist is the chair for the Customer Behavior and Sales department at the EBS University for Business and Law, where he is also the director of the Institute for Transformation in Business and Society (INIT). He is also a permanent lecturer at the University of St. Gallen (master level) and faculty member of its executive school (emphasis: branding and marketing communication). He is involved in diverse long-term projects at St. Gallen’s Center for Customer Insight. His research and work is mostly in the areas of brand leadership, behavioral branding, and sales psychology. Additionally, Professor Henkel is an academic advisor for brandamazing. His articles are regularly published by internationally recognized journals.

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