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JCB about "Human Branding"

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Human Branding

Especially, during disruptive times: You, yourself, are the most powerful brand!

Some people are highly visible and embody success in their department, and all the others are just numbers in the HR department, struggling to be recognized. However, it is important to recognize that there is a battlefield outside—and only those with a distinctive profile will succeed. They know exactly the answers: who am I? What do I stand for? What do I want? And they have the tools to planned success—an edgy identity, a unique positioning, and a clear selling strategy. Human Branding transforms managers, as well as employees, into unique personalities. They can act in a targeted way and position themselves favorably. Therefore, those who use Human Branding effectively have an increased success rate, are highly motivated, and make work enjoyable for everyone. JCB shows that an impressive headquarter, built of concrete, wood, and glass, is only brought to life by the unique and passionate people living in it. In his keynote, JCB tells you, refreshingly and without compromises, how to transform corporate inhabitants into corporate ambassadors. These ambassadors know exactly how to use the power of Human Branding for their own success and, consequently, improve their performance—thereby, increase their company’s success. As human brands, they are convincing and powerful ambassadors at every point of sale.

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