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How to turn customers into fans and how companies get ready for the future

If you want to be successful in the future, you have to start now. In the midst of disruption, success is no longer a given even for the most desirable brands. Rather, they too, today and above all tomorrow—like all other companies—have to do all at once: must know exactly who their customers are and how they tick; react lightning fast to new trends, preferences and buyer behavior; and know what their customers want tomorrow, first. Only those who think and act that way are ready for the future. Therefore, really strong brands must be dedicated hosts. With this attitude, they provide the true feel-good atmosphere, both online and offline. At yours the experiences of the customer’s journey get under their skin and are unforgettable. Here they like to stay longer than planned. And the buying experience is a pleasure, again and again. Those who deliver that desire have no customers, but admirers; and are in the merciless competition ahead. JCB makes in an entertaining way clear how to achieve this. Those who make it, are ready for the future and tomorrow everything but outdated.

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