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JCB about "Getting Attention"

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Getting Attention

In the digital age: How to get the attention you deserve

When everyone keeps just talking all the time, there is no one left to listen: Everyone loves to broadcast, on all channels, but nobody wants to listen anymore. Above that, the most valuable virtues of communication fall out of fashion: active listening and eloquent silence. JCB’s passionate plea is that the only true thing in business is again more important than ever: watch closely, listen appreciatively, consider carefully and respond convincing. Above all online. Especially in times of digitalization, we have to re-learn established behavior and apply it differently. In order that no longer everyone just cries for attention "Like me!" and "Buy me!", while no one is interested. In a humorous way the keynote makes clear how important it is to pay others real and appreciative attention. If you do that, you will be in the lead and, above all, stay in the lead. This is how true desirability is achieved and deserved attention received. With well-balanced, goal-oriented, quieter tones agile companies and their smart decision-makers get their faces in the crowd: If you listen truly others will listen willingly.

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