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Workshop "Getting Attention"

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Incentive-Workshop Getting Attention:

This is how you get what everyone wants!

If you are one of the many who just shout "Buy me!", you can stop! Today everyone is shouting but nobody is listening anymore. That is why attention is the most valuable currency in the world. To get attention, you need to know: 1. Who should be your customers? 2. What is their mentality and what do they want? 3. How do you really pay attention—as the most important requirement for winning them over?

Content of the incentive-workshop—as an alternative to the keynote lecture or afterwards

  • How important it is for you to know and understand your customers
  • How to break the "Buy me!" cacophony of others
  • Active listening and eloquent silence are the key means of communication
  • How you get the planned attention of your favorite customers
  • How to turn your customers into fans who like talking about you

What your observant participants take away

By the way: who laughs, understands. I guarantee both.

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